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Who Are We

We are Atul & Nirmala. Yes, we are a Husband & Wife duo who lead the Moirai Weddings Team.

We arrive to photograph your wedding day not as a photographer and Videographer,  but two professional and equally talented individuals that make up an amazing team.   

We love travelling, cameras and desserts. We fell in love with photography and films a long before we found each other. We guess destiny happened!


Sure, one of us may take the lead at different parts of the day, but we each have our unique strengths and use that to your advantage in capturing all of the moments of your day. We will be there with you every step of the way to guarantee your special moments are captured for all time. We try and see things very differently and thus we always shoot together - our approaches compliment each other and help in weaving a complete story.

And yes, your favourite reason for hiring a husband and wife photography team. We get it! 


Our Style and approach


People often ask us why our style is different from the others. We try and understand the essence of every story. Well, we make our every story ‘look’ rather 'feel’ different from one another, because those should be as unique as the people in the photographs.


We believe that real moments have the extraordinary power to carry the legacy of your wedding story across generations. And so we have chosen to live our lives pursuing these moments, and capturing them in a pure format. Our job is to create an art that tells your story, and yours is to just be you. 


Since wedding is the most living, breathing and fast-moving phenomenon ever. For us, it is all about making something memorable out of it, so whenever you and your family sit together to watch the wedding photos and film, we see to it that you should go through the same day every time you go through it. We want you to re-live every moment. This is the reason why we chose to become  wedding story tellers back then.


While we love to capture that breath taking bridal entry,  a majestic varmala, grand baarat, couple’s dreamy sangeet performance, romantic exchange of rings, the classic family portraits; but it’s the more  about those intimate and real moments - such as the groom’s sister shedding a tear before varmala, or the bride’s dad wiping off his tears while doing kanyadaan or best friends taking selfies when mangalsutra is being placed around bride’s neck– these are the moments we live for and nothing can come close to it!


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