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Prashanti & Aakash

Amidst the downpour of February rain, love prevailed as the resilient couple forged ahead, turning their wedding day into an enchanting tale of perseverance and unwavering commitment. In the face of unforeseen challenges, their unwavering smiles shone brightly, reflecting the unbreakable bond that brought them together. As raindrops danced upon their faces, they exchanged vows, declaring their eternal love in the midst of nature's watery embrace.


Nima & Heet

Cruising into Forever on the Dubai Desert Road 🌅💍✨ Embracing the thrill of love and the speed of dreams with our Lamborghini. This prewedding journey is just the beginning of their extraordinary adventure together

Dhwani & Karan

Stepping into a world of enchantment, this prewedding shoot takes us on a captivating journey through Sets in the City ✨🌆✨ As we wander amidst the magical backdrops and vibrant sets, love blooms and captures our hearts


Samrudhi & Parv

We love all these special moments that were captured from Samrudhi and Parv's intimate wedding ceremonies. You can clearly feel the energy, affection of the moment and the love that was shared between these families throughout the events. Every moment looks simply magical and perfect!

Sushmitha & Tarun

Let's begin with all smiles!

Best. Day. Ever. Couples would always want to remember how excited they were on their wedding day, so we make sure we get a moment that captures it.


Dhvani & Ankit

Dhvani sure knows how to make her partner pose for the perfect couple pictures. No excuses now, Ankit!

We particularly love how they candidly share their love story, meet-cutes, and how a childhood love story led them to this very special day. And here we're capturing their romance in the best possible way.

Sangeeta & Sanskar

The way they look at each other, no one would ever guess that theirs was an arranged marriage. After all, it doesn’t matter how or through whom they met; it was the destiny that brought them together and love sealed their bond forever.

While documenting their story, all we can think about is how smooth and elegant every moment was. 

And the varmala exchange was definitely one of the best ones we’ve witnessed!


Pranjali & Mithilesh Prewedding

Being doctors, it was quite a task for these two to take out one day from their schedules to get a pre-wedding session done. But we made it!

We purposely chose this calm lake as a backdrop to ratify their serene love. 

Pranita & Rishabh Prewedding

A stroll through a city hand-in-hand is certainly more romantic than a bus or Metro ride, and South Bombay’s small sized and wide streets mean it’s ideal for walking and taking in the scenery.

You can or cannot get lost, and there’s always something beautiful around the next corner


Pranjali & Mithilesh Wedding

There’s a reason why they say love is friendship. If you have to spend your forever with someone, isn’t it best if you spend it with the person you’re most authentic with!
Here are two most beautiful and generous souls bound by love since ages, and now officially husband and wife.

Vasudha & Vikrant Prewedding

It is said that love finds its way no matter what and thrives through everything. After reading Vasudha and VIkrant’s story you will believe it’s true. Finding love is challenging but who would have imagined finding love in pandemic? Sounds romantic doesn’t it?

Vikrant and Vasudha both are doctors. They got to know each other during the pandemic when they were working together in the same hospital. It is where their journey of forever began. They started to go out on dates and soon they decided to get their knots tied.



Ankita & Swapnil

When two souls are destined to meet, nothing in this world can prevent it from happening.

A couple of days prior to the pandemic Ankita and Swapnil got lucky as their wedding nuptials began around the month of February and we got the chance to document the whole affair from Pre-wedding to wedding.

Ankita and Swapnil are a fun-spirited and mischievous couple which we knew from the day we met them. Our focus was to capture them in their natural moods as their chemistry was magical enough to make this session enthralling. We choose their locations keeping them in mind. We started their session with a location which had windmills in the background. It highlighted their candid relation and added a value to our frames. Love was in the soft breeze which passed through her bare skin flowing all the way to write poetries across the sky.

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